A new garden season is dawning. In this post, I discuss what happened to my gardening efforts and the Small Scale Gardening Platform in 2020, changes I have made and where we are going with Small Scale Gardening in the future.

It is 2021, and I know a lot of you are looking around with trepidation and fear.  There is a lot of chaos happening in our world right now, and there doesn’t seem to be any outlets for releasing stress with gyms closed, pools closed, restaurants and bars closed, and all the rest.

Gardening is a solution.  Gardening is a way.

You can release that stress while growing something nutritious and chemical free (if we choose).  That is the beauty about gardening, and that is why I am excited about a new garden season dawning in 2021.

2020 Review and Wrap-Up

Wicking Bed Gardens

Last year was a tough one for so many reasons. I don’t want to go into them all, but many of you know that we left Minneapolis (epicenter of so much chaos).  We had to make some improvements to our house, garage and lot, and then we got the house on the market.

It was fun to get some comments from people about the garden, and a couple offers requested that the gardens (my wonderful Wicking Beds) stay with the house!

Once we accepted an offer and found out that the Wicking Beds were coming with us, we had to make things happen. There is a lot of soil in a 257 gallon watering tank, and I had 2 of them!

I also had the Rain Gutter Grow System with over 20-3 gallon grow bags and an herb garden!  That is a lot of soil too.

Even though the soil was fantastic and very rich, I decided that there was no possible way to move it to the land. It would probably take three trips to move the planters and soil to our Eagles Ridge Homestead, and we didn’t have the time or vehicles to make that many trips.

We decided to waste the soil, and we took it to a city organic waste drop site, and we added 2 pickup truck beds of soil to that waste site.  It was unfortunate, but it had to be done. We didn’t have the resources and time!

garden area, woodchip, fencing

As far as the plants are concerned, we planned on taking some to the apartment and have them on the deck.  Julie and I were running out of time, and we decided to leave the plants for out neighbors.  Folks in the neighborhood and the new owner of the house got all of the vegetables and herbs.  It worked out well, and I hope the new owners of the house enjoyed the plants as much as I did!

Long story short, my gardening season ended in August 2020. I think I harvest a couple small peppers and maybe a tomato or two, and I never got to enjoy the broccoli or ginger that was growing.

No use crying over lost vegetables and herbs, right?


Ok, maybe I did a little (shhh, Julie, do not confirm).

The 2020 Small Scale Gardening Platform

I started 2020 with great hopes and expectations. I pushed forward and started the Small Scale Gardening Podcast, published some videos and started writing again. The idea was to have one of my platforms focused on gardening. I thought that if I had Small Scale Life and Small Scale Gardening going, I would certainly be creating garden content, right?  Right?

 Then life happened.  Then chaotic times happened. Then we made decisions and got really busy.

The Year 2020 will be added to our list of Tipping Points that we discuss on Small Scale Life all the time. There are big ones: the Crash of 2008, Bringing Danny Home in 2015, the Government Shutdown in 2019 and now the Chaos of 2020.  We find that these major events, disasters really, push us to make change and get going on a different path.

We had success in 2020 too, don’t get me wrong.  The biggest success was purchasing our Eagles Ridge Homestead. If you want to hear that story, you should listen to a recent Small Scale Life Podcast on the subject. This has been an unbelievable adventure, and there is so much cool stuff planned, I can’t stand it!

To get from purchasing the land to moving to our apartment, a lot happened. I went dark on almost all social media, podcasts, videos and blogs from April until….now (here on Small Scale Gardening). I did not have capacity, energy or will to create anything. It was time to move.

A New Garden Season is Dawning

 Small Scale Gardening

As we move into 2021, I had that little voice whispering in my ear again. I wanted to get back to the earth, get back to the soil and garden again. I wanted to have a platform that focused on gardening.  I felt that new garden season dawning; I heard the clarion call.

Guess what?


I have a blog.

I have a YouTube Channel

I have a Community on Facebook

I have an Instagram account


You are here because of those four facts.

I decided that to do this right, I would drop the podcast for now and focus on these four things.  Gardening is a visual art, and having too much going on with a podcast bogs a person down.  I want to make sure I keep material fresh and relevant here on Small Scale Gardening and Small Scale Life.  I know that I will be focusing on the Eagles Ridge Homestead Project on Small Scale Life, and this is going to be a big effort.

I want a place for folks to come and get answers about gardening and gardening only.  I know a lot of people started gardening in 2020, and they got a big mess of weeds, pests and frustration on their hands.

As I told a wonderful librarian from Indiana today, I am here to help people.  I want to show my crazy backyard experiments and help gardeners grow.

I am back here posting material.  I have some goals for this platform and this community, and I hope you come along on the journey.

A new garden season is dawning, and I am thankful for the sunshine warming my soul once again.

What is coming in the Future? You CAN Help!

Kane Street Garden 2019

I have a lot to do and say about gardening. I am not done yet. Not even close!  I have always been and will always be a gardener at heart.

Even though I have been pretty quiet on Small Scale Gardening lately, I am going to keep this website, YouTube Channel and Facebook Group alive. Yes, I have made that decision and am moving forward with a new plan.

On our new property in Western Wisconisn, Julie and I are building EVERYTHING from scratch, so you will have a court side seat as we build this from the ground up. That means soil, compost, plants, fencing, fountain, watering strategy and eventually a heated greenhouse. This includes an herb garden, annual vegetable garden and perennial garden area with all the things: hops, grapes, berries, fruit trees, asparagus and rhubarb.

Yep….the works!  I have big plans, and it starts as the cold recedes, the snows begin to melt and the ground begins to thaw.

As a new garden season is dawning, I see a lot coming about Wicking Beds, Rain Gutter Grow Systems, Raised Beds, Container Gardens, improving the three Elements in our garden (light, nutrients, and water) and overcoming pests and blight. Looking through my Archives here, I see there is a lot of topics that can be added and expanded upon. I want this blog to be more useful and information rich, much like our soil in our gardens. So….time to add some compost and cover crop to the Small Scale Garden.

Notice that I didn’t say “manure!”

I hope to do more garden tours (I have a video from today) and showcase the work and ideas from the Small Scale Gardening Community. As I always say, we learn a ton from touring a garden. People are creative, and I always pick up a new idea or see something that I might want to try some day.  If you want to be showcased on our platform, you will need to post in the Small Scale Gardening Community or message me using the Contact page here on this site.  Of course, you’ll have to give me permission to use your material, but we’ll talk about that later. You will get all the credit of course! 

Stay tuned. We have much to do together!

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