Welcome to Small Scale Gardening!

Welcome to Small Scale Gardening!  This is my blog dedicated gardening and preserving your harvest while maximizing small spaces and resources.

My Biography

I am Tom Domres, the creator of Small Scale Gardening.  I am a husband and the father of two great boys.

I always was around gardens, canning and wine making for most of my childhood.  Like most kids, I was not very interested in learning those skills because I had better things to do.  Fortunately, I caught the bug for gardening and canning in 2010 and built simple square foot gardens.  Learning about food preservation followed since our little gardens produced so much food that we could not eat it as it ripened.

When I am not working on Small Scale Gardening, I am working as a professional civil engineer in Minnesota.  On top of all that, I am the self-described “logistics coordinator” for my wife’s studio floral business Julia’s Blooms.

Yes, I can be a busy guy, but I am having a lot of fun and the time of my life!

SSG Family

Small Scale Gardening Blog

I started Small Scale Gardening to document the success, the failures, and the fun I am having on experiments and projects.  As I said recently:

I don’t know everything. Sometimes it feels like I don’t know anything, but at least I am willing to try! – Tom from Small Scale Gardening

As I mentioned in a recent post, I know that I missed some opportunities to learn some really useful skills when I was growing up.  I just had “too many other things to do” and didn’t have the time and patience to learn these skills.

I know my boys might feel the same way some day as they begin to experiment with gardening, food preservation and wine making.  I wanted to provide a warehouse of knowledge for them and for other folks that might just be starting out, do not have access to large pieces of land for a massive garden, or want to try a new and fun hobby like wine making.  I want to make it a little easier for them to start because these things are not as hard as they look; you just have to have the courage to try and take that first step.

My blog is dedicated gardening in small spaces and preserving your harvest through canning, dehydration and wine making.  My goal is to maximize small spaces and resources and have some fun in the process.

Come along with me on this journey, and let’s grow this together!

Small Scale Garden 2014

Small Scale Garden 2014

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