I failed.  Absolutely failed.  Missed the mark and totally blew it.

Have you ever feel like that? Yes, I am sure you have felt like that since we all have felt like that at one time or another.  

Why am I feeling like that?  Well, it is now June 12, 2014, and I have a lot of planting left to do.   I have fallen behind after heavy rains, a hectic couple weeks at work, busy home life and family obligations.  Everything takes time, and as Napoleon I stated in Maxims in 1815:

“There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.”

Time indeed, or perhaps, the lack of it, is where I am failing. Perhaps a better way to describe where I am failing is effective time management. I need to be better about managing time and getting things done.

Time Management

How does one do that? Since I am failing at the moment, I am going to have to rely on the experts. Successful people like Michael Hyatt, who runs a great blog at www.michaelhyatt.com. As a voracious blogger, podcaster, professional speaker, writer and former publishing CEO, he does an excellent job of laying out steps to be a more effective leader. He wrote a great blog post called “4 Strategies for Cutting Your To-Do List in Half”, and his four key strategies are the following:

  1. Understand the five basic decisions
      1. You can DO it by taking action now yourself.
      2. You can DELEGATE it to someone else who is better qualified or has the bandwidth.
      3. You can DEFER (or schedule) it to do later.
      4. You can FILE it for later reference.
      5. You can DELETE it and forget about it
  2. Make a decision and act
  3. Don’t second guess yourself
  4. Set a time limit

See more at http://michaelhyatt.com/cut-your-to-do-list-in-half.html.  I highly recommend reading and subscribing to his blog (in addition to www.smallscalegardening.com).


Now, obviously Michael is talking about blazing through your e-mails and slicing through work tasks, and I am talking about gardening. I do believe, however, that the same rules apply.

As gardeners, a lot of us keep tinkering and adjusting. We keep asking ourselves:

  • What should I plant?
  • How much should I plant?
  • Are these plants compatible?
  • Do I need this variety of plant?
  • Where are these plants going to get the most sun/rain?
  • How can I expand this garden (so my spouse doesn’t notice)?

We are trying to do it better and striving to maximize production, which is good and admirable. Sometimes, we get bogged down in the decisions and the second-guessing, and we fail to act. This stops us from getting our tasks and do’s done, and we get frustrated and distracted by other “shiney baubles” (other tasks). We get too many side projects going on at one time and fail at them all.  On top of that, we look out at social media and see other folks already harvesting (you lucky souls down South) or having excellent looking, healthy plants. We get frustrated at someone else’s “highlight tape.” At least, that describes me at times.

Success is in Reach

There is still time to get things done and still have success. Focus on Michael Hyatt’s four key points. Get momentum by getting an easy task done first and getting a quick win. Keep moving. Keep progressing on that list. You can do it. You CAN and WILL have success, and you’ll learn a few thing along the way.

 As Larry Hall from Brainerd, Minnesota, says, “Grow, baby grow!”

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