Garden projects on the agenda this weekend!

Garden projects on the agenda this weekend!

Well, folks, the weekend is almost here!  As Monty Python eloquently said, “And there was much rejoicing, yaaay!”
I realized that it is Friday, and I totally missed posting on Tuesday on the Small Scale Gardening blog.  Yikes!  Where did the week go?
Rather than get upset at missing my regular day to post, I went outside to grab some fresh air and made a “quick” To Do List of my weekend garden projects.  It seemed to grow like a fertilized weed. 
The infamous and weedlike To Do List

The infamous and weedlike To Do List

Here is a summary of the “quick” garden projects list:

    • Reading for a The Mini Farming Handbook by Brett L. Markham for a book review
    • Pruning some out of control tomatoes
    • Harvesting
    • Canning
    • Control the pests (i.e., building the Great SSG Wall around my pole beans)
    • Mitigating Blight (attacking powdery mildew)
    • Posting on the blog
  • Planning and planting for Fall
  • Starting a new batch of wine….if there is time

Yikes…that is a long laundry list!  Yes, before you comment, I am using the “garden projects”  liberally.  If it has to do with the garden or came from the garden, I am classifying it as a garden project!  Good thing I love this stuff.  Garden projects are on like Donkey Kong!

Anyone planning a Fall garden? Lettuce, spinach, peas and other veggies can be planted. As I discussed in the Growing Spinach article, we have about 50 days to the first frost here in Minnesota, so it is time to get it going!  The time is now so that there is enough time for the plants to grow and get some produce before frost wipes everything out.  I plant to plant peas (putting in seed this weekend), lettuce and spinach.  I also have some cucumbers and dill that were started late, but they need to be planted somewhere.

For our friends in Southern States, all y’all have more time with the summer garden before it gets cold. I would love to hear from you too.  What kind of garden projects are you working on this weekend? How are your gardens doing in places like Texas and Georgia?  Feel free to comment here or post on the Small Scale Gardening Facebook page.

Good luck with your garden projects and may the odds be in your favor!

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