Garden Update for 10/27/2014

Garden Update for 10/27/2014
It was such a beautiful day up here in Minnesota on Monday that I had to get out and video a Garden Update for 10/27/14.  It was in the mid-60’s (Fahrenheit) and very sunny with few clouds in the sky, so in other words, perfect for a garden update video.

I know I am on borrowed time since we have gotten some massive snow storms in late October and early November.  I will take what I can get!

Times are A-Changing

After I filmed the update on Monday, the weather turned colder rapidly.  A front moved in yesterday (10/28/14), and it is getting progressively colder as we roll through the week.  I am growing concerned about the temperatures as I look at the forecast moving forward, it is looking really cold.  The lows also tell me that there is a high probability of a hard frost in the next couple days.

Weather in Minneapolis - 10/29/2014

Weather in Minneapolis – 10/29/2014

That means I will have to harvest what I can and cover the Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System with spare bed sheets at night.  See more about protecting plants from frost in my video and my article.

Walking the garden tonight, I saw the signs.  The peppers are withered, and the tomato plants are looking tough.  Time to close it down.  The 2014 season is over; it’s time to move on.

Next Steps

All in all, it has been a great season, but all good things must come to an end.  I will be picking the tomatoes and peppers that are left, and I will be harvesting the “compost potatoes” in my re-purposed recycle bin.  I will post an update when I unload it.

As I discussed in the video, my work is not yet done.  I am moving into #wine season, and I have three batches either in the works or ready to roll (i.e., mixed in my primary fermenter).  Also, I have been working with Larry Hall who invented the Rain Gutter Grow System, and I will be working with him to roll out a new garden system that will allow me to garden all season, all year, along.

More to come on Larry Hall’s announcement in two days.  It is going to be epic!

Let’s Grow this Together!

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