In Greek mythology, the hydra was a multi-headed serpent-like water monster.  When a hero removed one of its heads, two more grew in its place.  Hercules eventually defeated the hydra, but that is another story….

Now I am not suggesting that growing a hydra is even possible (unless you are Zeus), but I found out that there is a neat experiment that you can try and actually grow something edible from a stump of a plant.  While searching the internet, I found a post from someone who had grown celery from the cut end.  I was incredulous: how is that even possible?

Since I had some celery that we used for a veggie tray for a party, I kept the end of it and plopped it in some lukewarm water. I placed the bowl under my grow lights in my basement and waited.  I didn’t think it looked like much, but this experiment peaked my interest.

Week 1: After a week of changing water every day, I began to notice something.  There were stalks forming on the stump!  I had to laugh and take a photo of this.  I couldn’t believe it!  Sure enough, there were a cluster of stalks emanating from the center of the stump.  Go figure!  That is pretty cool.


So, let’s see where this takes us.  I am keeping the experiment going, and I am changing the water on a daily basis.  I will post an update no matter what happens.  I have heard you can do this when you harvest cucumbers from your plants as well.

Have you had any experience with this?  Are there other plants you can grow from a cut end?




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