Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System Update

Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System Update 9/11/15

Another couple weeks has passed since the last Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System Update, so I thought it would be a good time to provide another update.  For those of you who might be new to Small Scale Gardening and the Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System, I wrote about the system here and here.


Larry Hall from Brainerd, Minnesota, developed the Rain Gutter Grow System out of a desire to grow tobacco and vegetables.  He developed the system based on self-watering containers and hydroponic systems.  Larry has a website with materials and information about Rain Gutter Grow Systems here.  His YouTube channel and Facebook Group Pages are very informative as well.

Plant Update

Dill is flourishing in the Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System

Dill is flourishing in the Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System on 9/12/15

Here is a brief update about the plants in each of the 10 baskets planted in my Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System:

Dill – The dill continues to flourish in this system, and while I should have pruned each of the baskets back to just one plant per basket, there is not much time left in the growing season here in Minnesota.  I have opted to keep as much dill growing as possible since I do want to make dill pickles and relish when more cucumbers in the main garden ripen.

Basil – I received two rough-looking basil plants from my mom in late July/early August, and I planted them into this system.  Basil does really well in these conditions, and the growth of these basil plants has been fantastic.  I am ready to harvest and ready to make pesto this weekend.  I will have a post with the recipe forthcoming.

Broccoli – For the second straight year, I have planted broccoli seedlings into this system.  The rabbits might have mowed down my neighbor’s broccoli last year, but this system is high enough off the ground that the rabbits leave it alone.  I eliminated a hungry caterpillar from the broccoli earlier this year as well.  Free and clear of pests, these two plants have kicked it into high gear and are growing really well.  I am hoping for a harvest before the first frost.

Kohlrabi – This is my first time growing kohlrabi, and I am impressed with their growth.  I lost one seedling when I first planted them, but I have eight healthy plants growing like mad right now.  A few of the kohlrabi plants are growing faster than the others, but that means I can stagger out the harvest (as longs as they grow bigger before the first frost).  Now, my question is: does anyone have a good kohlrabi recipe?

Peppers – I have three pepper plants growing in the system.  I have had a lot of trouble with my pepper plants this year, and some of my plants just have not wanted to grow.  I noticed a couple of flowers on one of the plants as I made the update video, so my interest is piqued.  I am not expecting much from these pepper plants, but we’ll see what they can do in the next 20 days.  We usually get frost here in Minnesota by early-October.

A link to the video update is here, or just click on “play” below.

Your Turn

Have tried any unique garden systems like this one?  How are your plants doing?  There is a wide variety of Rain Gutter Grow Systems/Grow Bag Garden Systems being used, and I will show you some more varieties that have been pretty successful in future posts.

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