Indoor Gardening Pests: Aphids

Indoor Gardening Pests: Aphids

Indoor gardening pests can wreak as much havoc and destruction inside as they do outside.  The first step in fighting indoor gardening pests is identifying your target, followed by treating and eliminating the critters.

As I harvested the lettuce last week after coming back from vacation, I noticed a few little gnats on the leaves.  I did a REALLY GOOD JOB washing off each leaf before making several salads this week (I didn’t want extra protein), but it bothered me.  Where did those nasty gnats come from?  More importantly: what pest was I dealing with in my indoor garden?

Step 1: Identify Your Target

Over the weekend, I went downstairs and took a closer look at the indoor garden.   A couple things caught my attention immediately:

  • There were more gnats buzzing around (and they weren’t fruit flies)
  • My plants and landscape fabric had plenty of dandruff on them
White "Dandruff" on Plants Mean One Thing: Aphids

White “Dandruff” on Plants Mean One Thing: Aphids

These are two key observations meant one thing: aphids.  For more information on aphids, check out the following sources:

The Farmers Almanac
University of Minnesota Extension
University of Kentucky Entomology

Yes, the nasty little buggers must have infected the plants when I had them outside and hitched a ride on inside for my Easy Indoor Garden.  Well, now that I had them here, what to do about them?

Step 2: Treat and Eliminate Indoor Gardening Pests

I took a quick look around the internet to see what I could do for treatment and elimination of these nasty little buggers.  It turns out that you can spray the plants with water to knock them off your plants, and that could work.

However, I want to make sure I get rid of the problem, so I decided to eliminate the aphids.  Fortunately for me, the recipe for eliminating aphids is really simple.  A few sources, including the The Farmers Almanac, listed the following recipe (all ingredients stirred together):

  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 tsp of liquid dish soap
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Do not dilute before spraying on plants

LDSPrepper created a nice video for treating aphids on outdoor plants, and I will be doing a similar treatment (just using a spray bottle, not a full sprayer).

Next Steps

Well, that’s it for now.  With it getting late, I will have to treat these tomorrow.  I should have a report later this week on how the treatment went.  I have my fingers crossed.

As a bonus, I wanted to adjust the indoor garden lighting to allow the plants to get bigger and grow taller.  Yes, the indoor garden is doing that well!  I’ll talk about those modifications, and I will try to post up a video as well.

Until then, let’s grow this together!

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