Winter Houseplant Care EBook Cover

Keeping Indoor Plants Alive – Winter Houseplant Care EBook Cover

Amy Andrychowicz from has written a new e-book called “Keeping Indoor Plants Alive When It’s Freezing Outside.” This is a must for northern gardeners who are driven inside due to freezing temps, snow, ice and Polar Vortexes but still want to have indoor plants alive, growing and thriving  (including veggies and herbs).  Last time I checked, most of the country falls into this category this year (example: Buffalo, New York)! 

Like Amy, I have heard it all before from people:

  • “I am horrible with houseplants; they ALWAYS die!”
  • “I am such a black thumb!”
  • “Plants shrink away from me in terror when I pick them out because they KNOW they will die!”
  • “I just can’t grow plants!”
Well, stop saying that stuff!  YOU CAN DO IT!  This book is for you.  Over the past several months, I have had the pleasure of reading Amy’s site and tweeting with her on #gardenchat every Monday night at 8:00 PM Central.  Amy is a great gardener, and I have found her gardening advice to be excellent (i.e., using eggshells, building a squash arch, frost protection, building garden beds). 
Looking at the sneak peaks on her site, the book contains some great tips from a Pro.  Watering, pests, sun, light and troubleshooting are just some of the topics covered.  Since Amy also lives in Minnesota, she understands the unique environment that our homes have: dry conditions due to furnaces, cold near windows, not much sun, etc.  This is a how-to indoor plant survival guide.
Excerpt from Keeping Indoor Plants Alive - Winter Houseplant Care EBook

Excerpt from Keeping Indoor Plants Alive – Winter Houseplant Care EBook

Looking at her site s is giving a copy of the book away if you sign up on her site.  Additionally, she will even help you with your plants through a one-on-one coaching session.  You get a free copy of the book if you sign up for coaching.  I think that is a good deal and very smart (memo to self for the future – good one Amy).

Follow the link to Amy’s site and make sure you pick up a copy! Make sure you check out the sneak peak; the eBook looks really good.  The e-book costs $12.99, and it looks worth every penny.


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