Michael Ryder's Simple Rain Gutter Grow System in Alaska

Michael Ryder’s Simple Rain Gutter Grow System in Alaska

One of the great things about Larry Hall’s Rain Gutter Grow System (RGGS) is the Facebook page.  Larry’s Facebook RGGS page just hit 12,000 subscribers yesterday, and the subscribers there are a creative bunch.  If you visit the page, you will see that subscribers are trying this system out and changing it to their specific site and circumstances.

One of these creative types is a gentleman named Michael Ryder.  He built a great Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System at his home in Alabama before shipping out to Alaska tom complete a project.  I have gotten know Michael a bit through Facebook, and I think he truly is The Most Interesting Man in the World.  I digress….

Michael traveled from Alabama to the small Village of Igiugig, Alaska, to install a river turbine (worthy of a post by itself, I am sure).  Michael posted a video of his recent trip to the local greenhouse where he introduced a very simple Rain Gutter Grow System to the folks up there. 

How simple?

A 1 gallon grow bag, some soil, a “runt” lettuce plant and a recycle bin with some water in it. 

That’s it.  Simple. 

Results?  Well, see for yourself.  

Simple RGGS Meets Alaska

As a final note, I am using this method to start all of my seedlings.  Perhaps you might have noticed?  I can attest: this does work!  Try it out on a small scale; you might see a major impact.

Red Solo Cups in Water Trays - A Simple Rain Gutter Grow System

Red Solo Cups in Water Trays – A Simple Rain Gutter Grow System

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