Let me make this announcement from the rooftops: Small Scale Gardening is open for business! If you have been visiting this site and hoping for new content, your prayers and patience have been rewarded. It is time to breathe life into the dead and create a new, living gardening world. In this article, I am going to discuss that decision process and what you can expect going forward in the future.

The Story This Far….

Open for business, peas
Planting Sugar Snap Pea Seeds in the new Wicking Beds – May 2019

Back in November 2018, I posted an article on Small Scale Gardening titled “Long Road Home: Past Present and Future.” In that article, I recounted the history of the Small Scale Gardening blog, told about the rise of Small Scale Life (blog and the podcast) and asked about the future of Small Scale Gardening. Deep down inside, I felt that there was a place for Small Scale Gardening, and that this platform could bring value to people who were just starting to garden, who didn’t have a lot of space to grow plants (condos, apartments and townhouses), and who didn’t have much experience growing plants successfully.

Based on the analytics, I could see that people were visiting this blog and YouTube channel even though there hadn’t been any real new content posted since 2015! Small Scale Gardening was actually tracking better than Small Scale Life in the analytics department until May 2018. At that point, I let the domain expire, and the analytics crashed out completely. Small Scale Gardening went from over 1100 unique visits in May of 2018 to a little more than 200 per month since May. I can work with that and grow it!

Focusing Small Scale Life

Small Scale Life;
Small Scale Life is about empowering you to build a life you love through Simple Living and Financial Freedom. Live life on your own terms by living debt free!

Once upon a time, I heard a story about two content creators. One was a gentleman that decided to cast his net wide. He talked about a variety of topics, but he ended up struggling with his audience and growth. This gentleman’s platform was essentially like a body of water a mile wide and an inch deep. Life struggled to live and thrive in that body of water.

The other blogger decided to get focused on and obsessed with a niche. She focused in and created content on that niche, and the audience that wanted that information began to grow. This lady’s platform was like a deep ocean: it was an inch wide but a mile deep. All kinds of life grew in the depths and thrived in this body of water.

When I started Small Scale Life, I essentially cast the net wide. We have pushed into urban homesteading, wellness, financial freedom, cooking, meal planning and simple living (minimalism). Throw in a growing podcast about those topics, and things get complicated in a hurry!

Julie and I have been drilling down into what we want to do with the platform. Julie and I have been working through the Knowledge Business Blueprint, and new program developed by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. We have also been learning a ton from Jenna Kutcher and Amy Portfield on how to develop and grow an online platform. It has been mind-blowing!

Perhaps the biggest take-away from all of this is that we need to focus our message on our superpower. We all have something that lights us up and gets our motor running. Julie and I have many interests, but we know that we can serve people by empowering them to build a life you love through Simple Living (minimalism and decluttering their lives) and financial freedom (getting out of debt). We are swiveling our guns on Small Scale Life to take on those targets.

At the same time, gardening is something I love. It lights me up inside and out. I love creating in the garden and in the kitchen. I want to serve folks by helping them grow food where ever they re in the world. As Small Scale Life focuses on those other topics, I decided that gardeners needs their own platform, so I can serve you better. Otherwise, this content will be lost in a different deep sea!

Open for Business, What Can You Expect?

Open for Business, Julie and Savannah, herbs
Julie and Savannah planting herbs – May 2019

I am sure at this point you are asking, “That’s all good and all, but what should I expect now that Small Scale Gardening is open for business?”

Great question! Here is my plan for moving forward now that Small Scale Gardening is open for business:

Blog – Going forward, I am going to commit to creating at least one blog post per week. I need to look at my overall content production schedule since I am the content workhouse on Small Scale Life and Small Scale Gardening. I want to shoot for Monday, but we’ll see how things play out. I will be cleaning up the blog and making it more functional as well. Got to have a user-friendly blog for you!

YouTube ChannelThe Small Scale Gardening YouTube channel is online and ready for new content. I will be posting regular videos on that channel soon, so stay tuned! What about Live streams and Podcasts, you ask? Perhaps….

Pinterest – Once upon a time, I re-purposed the Small Scale Gardening Pinterest account to Small Scale Life. Well, I changed it back. It always had a gardening and homesteading theme to it, and I will be making regular pins to that account. I want this to be a thriving account of information for you, and not all of it will be Small Scale Life or Small Scale Gardening content!

Instagram – I have created a new Instagram channel for Small Scale Gardening. This is essentially a daily micro-blog of gardening goodness that I hope to use to inspire you to try gardening!

Facebook – I have created a new Facebook Page for Small Scale Gardening. It is linked to the Instagram and the blog accounts, so you will see Instagram and Blog posts there.

As you can see, there are a lot of pieces to this Small Scale Gardening Platform, and I will be working on improving your experience with these different elements. I want you to learn, do and grow with me!

Future Plans and Projects

Of course, I have somethings on the drawing board that will be implemented in time as demand and the community grows. Let’s see what some of those things are:

E-mail News – I am going to be launching a regular e-mail in the near future. You can subscribe and get solid content or links from this publication.

Facebook Group – I know this will be coming in the future. The Small Scale Life Facebook Group is a thriving 565-member group, I know a ton of the audience here is from the original Small Scale Gardening Group. Yes, I re-purposed this group too. While I doubt I will reclaim this for Small Scale Gardening, I will be launching a Small Scale Gardening Group in the future to focus solely on gardening topics.

Podcast – I love the spoken word. I love to talk to folks or talk about stuff in general. I have a lot of folks that are homesteaders, market gardeners, urban farmers and preppers. The common tie is that they are all gardening! I would love to continue interviewing these folks and getting their perspective, tips, challenges and successes documented on a platform. While some of this could go under Small Scale Life, I know the bulk of this will be under a new podcast titled the “Small Scale Gardening Podcast.” I might start that banner under the YouTube channel first.

Open for Business: Time to Grow!

Open for Business

That’s about it. I am excited that Small Scale Gardening is open for business once again. I am curious what your thoughts are regarding the existing platform and future projects. Do you want a community? Do you want a podcast? Let me know.

At the same time, if you are serving our country or have served, thank you so much for your service. We owe you a debt of gratitude. As a dad of an Army veteran, I appreciate the dedication of soldiers and struggle families have during deployments. These are tough jobs, and we don’t fully understand all the sacrifices people make for our land.

Thank you, Veterans and your families!

I am heading out to the garden to plant some potatoes in the Wicking Beds. There is a lot of planting to do!

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