Kickoff-2015-CoverWOW!  Did you know that I am really excited?


The answer is simple: when I started Small Scale Gardening in April of 2014, I really had no idea what I was doing.  All I knew was that I liked:

  • “Growing some stuff”
  • “Canning some stuff”
  • “Making some wine”
  • “Writing about some stuff”

Who knew that I could put some “stuff” together and make it stick?  By just starting this blog and other elements of the Small Scale Gardening platform (Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tsu), I am having an absolute blast meeting interesting and creative people like you from all over the world and learning so much from you.  Hopefully you all are learning a little about me too.  I think you are because I am amazed at the numbers that I see as I blog, Tweet and post to various forms of media.  What do I mean?  Check this out:

  • Twitter – There are over 780 followers Small Scale Gardening on Twitter.  That is incredible!
  • Facebook – There are 72 followers on the Small Scale Gardening Facebook page.  It continues to grow!
  • YouTube – There are 26 subscribers and 756 views of my 10 videos.  I am planning more and have more videos to post.
  • Pinterest – There are over 2,100 monthly views of my 10 boards
  • Instagram – There are 74 followers and over 230 posts
  • Tsu – There are 13 friends and 17 followers on the group page

On top of that, there are anywhere from 20 to 200 people checking the Small Scale Gardening blog every day (depending when I post and article).  Looking at the 2014 yearly report, we had over 4,200 people check out the blog since we started in April of 2014.  In a word…that is….


Thank you all for stopping by and taking some time out of your day to read my posts on my new little blog. You all are AWESOME!  I am so humbled and honored that you all are taking the time to read my posts, getting to know me and my family, and hopefully laughing a little (or a lot) at my experiments, successes and failures.  After all:

I don’t know everything. Sometimes it feels like I don’t know anything, but at least I am willing to try! – Tom Garette, Small Scale Gardening

Wishing Big in 2015!

Wishing Big in 2015!

Yes, I had a birthday in January, and Julie got me some very cool balloons.  The message was right on the money: I am looking forward to 2015 and am wishing big.  In the next few posts, I am going to focus on what worked last year, what didn’t, what I am changing in the garden and on the blog/social media “empire.”  There is a lot to do this year, and I am rolling up my sleeves to get it done and write about it/video it.

This is going to be a fun year!  

I have a lot of ideas and plans swirling around in my head already, and as my video showed, I already have some projects that I will be talking about in the next couple weeks.  More wine?  Yes!  Bigger garden?  Oh yeah!  Better recipes?  Darn tootin!  Other stuff I am planning? Heck yes, Get ready!

Hold on to your hats, put on your boots, and fasten your seat belts! It is going to be a wild and great ride!  Thank you for signing up (you might want to subscribe to the blog and other media), and make sure you keep your hands, feet and head inside the moving Small Scale Gardening vehicle at all times….Here we gooooooo!

Let’s grow together!

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