Clover Road, Adams County WI

Clover Road, Adams County, WI – 2014

Take a road less traveled, discover something new.  You never know what you might find along the way.

I have to admit (stand back everyone, please) that I don’t know everything!  Yes, I will admit it.  Now that you have picked yourself up off the floor, I have to admit that there are a lot of really good sites out there that are producing excellent content, tips and ideas.

My goal is to compile some of the links that I see and provide them here on the SSG Blog. After all, we are all about maximizing impact, even if your lovable host is not generating the ideas.  If you have a site or article that is interesting, please let me know.  Send me a link at, or send it to me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.  We can all take a road less traveled and learn something along the way.


Tomato Hornworm Control

Some of the folks down in southern states are further along in the growing season than us cold-blooded Upper Midwesterners, Being further along, the creepy crawly things are moving around and chewing up plants. One of those creepy crawly things are the infamous Tomato Hornworms. Nasty buggers!

Heather Rhoades over at the Garden Know How Blog tackles the Tomato Godzilla with her article titled “Tomato Hornworm: Organic Control of Hornworms.”  I hear it all comes down to…..picking them off with your own two hands.  Yes, she talks about that.  Do you really want to touch those things?  Of course, they might be ugly but they don’t bother me.

Growing Fabulous Lettuce and Greens

Melodie Metje provides a nice write-up on Growing Fabulous Lettuce and Greens on the Victory Garden on the Gold Course Blog.  The last paragraph has a good list of tips to follow including:

  1. Plant in rich soil.

  2. Use a natural fertilizer high in nitrogen (coffee grinds work well) each time you seed or plant.

  3. Keep the soil evenly moist; don’t allow to dry out completely. Planting in self-watering pots and applying mulch can help.

  4. Successive sowing of lettuce and spinach seeds.

  5. Sow varieties adapted to the season.

  6. Keep the plants in a cool, shady location to extend the harvest in the summertime.

  7. Supplement the salad bowl with sprouting broccoli leaves, perennial greens, tropical greens, and herbs when it gets hot.

That is some good advice, and I was not aware of the coffee grounds connection.  Hmmm!  Lesson learned!


Top Ten Herbs to Grow in Posts or a Windowsill

Andrew McIndoe wrote a great article on the My Garden School Blog.  He lists the ten herbs and provides some nice photos of each one with a quick sentence or two about planting and/or harvesting each one.  Check out the article; I know I am gearing up to plant a few of those (dill, thyme, basil and chives), and perhaps I will try some coriander as well.  Why not let it fly?


Gardening in Drought Conditions

Andrew McIndoe has another great article on the My Garden School Blog about gardening in drought conditions.  With much of the western US, particularly California, experiencing drought conditions, it is essential that we plan for and implement strategies to keep our plants and gardens growing.  While this article is geared more for flowering plants, there are elements that we need to be mindful of when the rains are few and far between and the City/local government agency cranks up the watering restrictions.  Having rain barrels (not included in the article – just thinking here as the May rain comes down in Minnesota), using mulch and loamy compost, watering veggies not lawns, and watering in the early morning/early evening are some of the tips suggested in the article.

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