Vertical Garden 101: Introduction to Vertical Gardening

Space is always a premium in gardens, especially when you are a renter.  Even though I WANT to clear cut the numerous trees and bulldoze the overgrown lilacs and other vegetation in our yard, we are renters and just can’t do it.  As a renter, I did my part cleaning up the wild area a few years ago, but I shall not mess with more of the owner’s remaining vegetation.  I have to get creative using space to grow food, and one creative way to expand is to capitalize the unused airspace.  This post on Small Scale Life is an introduction to vertical gardening, and additional articles will cover how I built and maintain the vertical gardens I am using in 2016.

Tomatoes; Cucumbers; Peppers, Vertical Garden, Trellis, Garden

My garden in 2014. Note that the cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are on lines that are part of my trellis system

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