New Market, MN – Hives in 2014 (Courtesy of Rick’s Bees –


I had a great time going with Rick van Vliet from Rick’s Bees to pick up some bees this past weekend. It was a fun adventure, and Rick and I discussed quite a few things on our way including winter survival rates, importance of bees in commercial agriculture, and the differences between the nuclear packs picked up this weekend and the package bees Rick picked up in April.  I frankly had no idea about some of these things (darn it Jim, I’m a gardener, not a beekeeper), but Rick is an encyclopedia of knowledge and has incredible passion for his craft.  I have always learned a lot when I go into the field with Rick, and I hope to continue to share more adventures in the future.

Both Rick and I will be talking about bees on our blogs since he has been doing some really cool stuff and is going in interesting directions, but in the meantime, here is a quick update from Rick from a couple weeks ago when he picked up his packages.


New Market, MN - Hives in 2013

2013 Visit to the Hives near New Market, MN

Mead from Ricks Honey - 2013

Mead from Ricks Honey – 2013

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